Monthly Archives: January 2016


The Warriors continue to get ready…

Workouts have been moving along and as the hitters work on their swings, the pitchers are building up arm strength. The only drawback relative to preparation is struggling to get everyone to practice. We have only had one practice where the entire team has been present, so there are definitely gaps in our preparation. Hopefully this will become less of a problem as we move forward. We are just about six weeks away from first pitch, and so far weather hasn’t been a big factor as it pertains to school closings. There is an excellent chance we can get the outfielders outdoors tomorrow and take some fly balls. That would be a real plus, as that is the one thing you can not replicate inside.


Alex Carey

The 2016 season is right around the corner…

The 2016 Warrior baseball team started indoor workouts on Monday, January 11th. The team is looking to reestablish itself as one of the top teams in Region XXI. Sophomore pitchers, Zack Reid, Jake Stearns and Mike Nader are returning to anchor the Warrior pitching staff. Sophomores, Justin Martinho, Tyler Morini and Alex Carey are hoping to ignite the Warrior offense. With a solid group of freshman eager to prove themselves at the collegiate level, it looks to be an exciting year for Massasoit baseball. Check this site often to read about the 2016 team as they prepare for their southern trip to Vero Beach, Florida.

Coach Tom Frizzell